Sunday, November 1, 2009


Lots of people have asked me how Kasey is doing in kindergarten.
He's doing just fine. It's a learning process just like everything else he has encountered in the past year and a half.
When he was in preschool he had a lot of acting out issues, biting, pinching, hair pulling...but the teachers were excellent at working with him through these behaviors. They really did a good job with him. His new kindergarten teacher is really great too, very patient and kind with her kids. He has had only 1 incident so far and I think that shows how much he has grown just in the past couple of months.
His language skills are coming along really well, so is writing his letters. Now he can even sound out a few written words ! :) So I think he is a smart little cookie....and nope, I am not biased ;)

Just for fun I'll let you know what Kasey loves: fishing, fish, dad's trucks, dad's tools, dad's lawnmowers, grandpa's 4-wheelers, shooting guns(pretend) bike rides, swinging on swings, gymnastics, climbing ropes and climbing up doorways (I know!!!),
his toys-he loves each and every one of his toys, animals--wolves, bears, sharks, cows, pigs, tigers, lions.......the list is endless, mom reading books every night at bedtime, and most of all, he just loves spending time with his dad in the garage or outside.

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